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Container Handling Truck C80

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Below are the technical specs for the Container Handling Truck C80:
Container handling at its best
Designed specifically to meet the demands of freight terminals and container hubs, Linde have developed the dedicated empty container handler.
The target - a vehicle with the perfect combination of innovative technology, high handling comfort, acceleration, and lifting power.
Combined with the experience of the biggest manufacturer of material handling products in the world, the result was: Container handling at its best.
Linde - a strong partner in service
  • To perform more and more in ever less time - a demand placed not only on equipment, but also on their support. 
  • The Linde service network is ready to assist because it is as fast and reliable as our trucks are. Linde has a service network covering all regions, a skilled service mechanic is always at your disposal.
Powerful, economical, low-emission
  • Power and drive units matched to the specific requirements of materials handling, are able to provide the power and control necessary in container handlers: The power output from the drive unit is controlled to provide the most economical use of resources, balanced to the output requirements of the driver, thus achieving maximum output, yet providing first-class performance.
  • The drive system is fully protected from damage normally associated with down-shifting, reverse direction changes and incorrect gear selection.
The cockpit of a Linde truck - an enviable position
The centrally positioned cabin is easily reached by non-slip steps, to guarantee safe and easy access.
The cabin is isolated from the framework to provide a low vibration, low-noise working environment.
The ergonomically and spaciously designed working place, forms the basis for unequalled handling performance and a lower stress environment for the driver, allowing him to concentrate on the work in-hand, utilising the centralized load control lever to operate all load positioning functions.
Linde - trucks you can rely on!
  • The robust high-quality construction of the truck ensures that during container transport (especially with swinging loads and naturally occurring dynamic forces) the safety and stability of the machine is always assured.
  • The driver's cabin provides an excellent view onto load and the surrounding area around the truck thus helping to avoid accidents.
  • The carefully positioned twistlock flags and warning lamps, at the lifting device, and in the cabin, provide the driver with continuous load security status.