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Side Loader S30 / S60

We have a large variety of Side Loaders. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Side Loader S30 / S60:
For the efficient transport of long loads of any kind

Linde sideloaders form the ideal support for the fast material handling of long loads.

They are especially equipped for the in timber and steel storage sites, and for the handling and stacking of long loads of various types (profiles, plate packs, pallets).

Made for great performance
  • Great ergonomics due to the optimised driver's cabin, which provides a low stress environment for the driver combined with precise control positioning, facilitating the highest level of working performance.
  • Fast hydrostatic acceleration providing smooth operational speed and control, enabling maximum load handling with minimum turnaround time.
  • Safe load handling assured by good all-round visibility, smooth 4-wheel braking and high stability.

Unity of man and machine

  • Hydrostatic steering system provides effortless and accurate positioning of the vehicle.
  • The standard all-weather cabin with a fully cushioned seat is spring-mounted and offers maximum comfort for the driver.
  • Optimized visibility from the cabin onto the load is provided by a generous glass area - safe working is always guaranteed.
  • This finely tuned system reduces stress for the driver, lowers the risk of accidents, whilst increasing handling performance.


Safety renders performance

  • The hydrostatic drive combined with 4-wheel braking, slows the truck smoothly when stopping or when changing direction, thus producing safer load handling.
  • Smooth, controlled manoeuvres are facilitated by the fully hydraulic steering mechanism.
  • The platform tilt mechanism provides safe load selection and secure load transfer during tight manoeuvres.
Linde - a strong partner in service
  • Quick response time is provided by a localised service centre approach, due to a service network that covers all regions.
  • Good accessibility to all servicable parts increases the up-time to a maximum.
  • The hydrostatic drive requires no wear-intensive parts such as clutch, or gear. This results in cost savings due to lower maintenance.