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Pallet Truck M25

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Below are the technical specs for the Pallet Truck M25:
Robust and especially designed for the transport of various loads the Linde hand pallet truck performs its task as an all-round reliable helper in innumerable warehouses and production places.
Economical service - easy maintenance
Linde provides a local service network covering all regions, a skilled service mechanic is always at your disposal. Good access facilitates service and saves time.
  • The hydraulic block casting contains the maintenance-free bearings.
  • All key parts - e.g., steering wheels and load castors - are easy to access and replace.
  • Bushes and seals can easily be replaced without dismantling the pump housing.

Safe and easy to operate

  • The Linde Tiller with wide handle for easy steering and optimal protection, has a convenient spring return
  • The 120 mm lift provides adequate ground clearance for easier pallet pick up
  • The 220° steering angle assists manoeuvrability in confined areas
  • The control handle base is reinforced for durability.
  • Low friction castor wheels with lead-in rollers facilitate entry and exit of pallets.
Linde - trucks you can rely on!
Safety is paramount with Linde.
  • Linde Tiller for optimum grip and permanent hand protection.
  • The low chassis skirt protects from foot injuries.


Quality for a durable life

  • Standard wheels are made of nylon for durability and reduced rolling resistance.
  • A quality powder coat paint provides corrosion protection.
  • An airtight and dust-proof hydraulic system for maintenance-free, durable operation.
  • A high-pressure relief valve prevents stress.
  • Replaceable long-life sintered metal bushes are fitted.