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Order Picker N20 – N25

We have a large variety of Order Pickers. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Order Picker N20 – N25:
The gateway to efficient order-picking
A totally new concept, designed to optimise the order picking process. In order to achieve this, two work stations were created:
  • The spacious stand-on station for driving and controlling with the unique Linde twin-grip steering, and the picking station which is located directly adjacent to the forks.
  • The design reduces the overall picking time and increases the picking rates for each shift.
Maximise efficiency with Linde
  • The outstanding ergonomics of Linde order pickers combined with the new concept design, provide impressive order picking performance.
  • Cost efficiency is also optimised by identifying the most suitable truck for the application.
  • The Linde advisory service helps you with the optimizing software LOGIS to determine the best truck configuration for your specific order picking needs.
Optimum productivity from energy efficient systems
  • The LindeDigitalControl matches the performance parameters of your truck to give the best results in your application. The trucks are offered with a wide selection of battery capacities.
  • Easy access to the batteries facilitates rapid battery checking and changing.
Effectiveness by optimization of partial stages
Linde order pickers are designed to optimize the entire order-picking cycle - including preparation, order-picking and final operations - so that high pick rates can be achieved without operator fatigue.
  • The risable operator platform facilitates the order picking from second floor.
  • The picking list is always in view of the operator for route saving and fatigue free picking - a guarantee for lower error ratio.
Be ahead at the start
  • The wide low-step entry to the driving compartment reduces the amount of step-up by the operator by up to 30 m daily.
  • Safe and easy handling are assured by the self-centering Linde steering unit.
  • The unique location of the driving position at the front provides good visibility for fast and safe driving.
  • Such innovations can save 2 seconds at each start up which corresponds to an increase in performance of approx. 10 %.
Effective performance
  • Version L and LX: The L-versions lift the pallet to a comfortable picking height. This avoids frequent bending and stretching while order picking.
  • Version Li: The Li-version has initial lift to provide more ground clearance for operation on ramps and when travelling over ground undulations.
Safety comes as standard
Linde trucks are designed for safe efficient performance, since the safety of the operating personnel is paramount.
  • Three independent braking systems prevent from uncontrolled movements of any kind.
  • The special arrow-shaped profile of the forktips facilitates easy entry and exit of all pallet types, open and wrapped.
  • The low chassis skirt protects personnel from foot injuries.
  • The front positioned driver compartment warrants high visibility.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Linde provides rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network that covers all regions.
  • The construction of the trucks facilitates easy service access and the high quality original parts reduce service intervals as well as costs.
  • Consumable parts can be replaced quickly and easily due to the modular construction.