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Electric Forklift Truck E14 / E20

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Below are the technical specs for the Electric Forklift Truck E14 / E20:
This is what leading "all-rounders" look like!
Front wheel drive via two powerful low-maintenance 48-volt electric motors combined in one compact axle to deliver impressive power and performance. The ergonomic features combine with excellent manoeuvrability to make these models the first choice for both internal and external operations.
Be cool and calculating!
Comparing costs requires not only the consideration of the cost of investment but also the cost of operation:
  • Due to the outstanding ergonomics and the impressive capability of the Linde trucks the operator is able to achieve higher handling performance.
  • This results in lower personnel and operating costs.
  • The unrivalled quality of Linde forklifts delivers reliability, reduces maintenance schedules and ultimately results in higher residual values.
Built for performance
  • The superb ergonomics incorporating finger-tip LindeLoadControl and the Linde twin pedal system provide effortless, stress-free working for the operator for highly efficient, precision load handlingand.
  • Fast acceleration with LindeDigitalControl, powerful 48-volt twin drive motors, and excellent manoeuvrability characteristics, fast turnaround times are achieved.
  • Safety is assured by the unique mast design which provides excellent visibility smooth brakes and high stability as well as the smooth braking and inherent stability of the equipment.
Man and machine in harmony
  • Hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin pedals and fingertip LindeLoadControl provide effortless, fatigue free working.
  • With LindeLoadControl, integrated in the individually adjustable armrest, the operator has finger-tip precision control over all hydraulic functions.
  • The intuitive handling without having to reposition the hand on the steering wheel or alter the positioning of the feet enables the operator to concentrate on the main task.
  • This optimized system enables the operator to fully focus on the job in hand, thus reducing the risk of accidents while increasing productivity.
Turning on the spot
  • The compact chassis design, variable wheel base, acute steering angles and LindeDigitalControl result in excellent manoeuvrability in confined areas with high work throughput ratios.
  • The unique combi steer axle (four wheel models) and turntable axle (three wheel models) combines manoeuvrability with stability, for safe, high performance.
  • The mounting of the mast directly to the drive axle provides the variable wheelbase feature which is actuated by the tilt movement of the mast a short wheelbase can be selected for manoeuvering and a longer wheelbase selected for enhanced stability when travelling.
Safety enhances performance
  • The outstanding ergonomics of Linde forklifts avoids distractions and ensures the operator is fully focused on the task in hand
  • Three independent braking systems plus hydraulic power steering provide precision control of the truck.
  • The choice of either the combi axle turntable axle versions means manoeuvrability, performance and stability are assured in any situation.
  • The innovative concept of the mast design ensures good visibility for the operator.
Pivoting driver's compartment in Linde forklifts E14-E30/600
  • The unique pivoting driver's compartment fitted to this series of Linde trucks enables easy access for rapid battery checking or changing from either side.
  • The energy saving LindeDigitalControl system and the regenerative electric braking, maximizes the number of work cycles available from the battery.
Linde is a reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances are due to a comprehensive local service network that covers all regions.
  • A software based diagnostic system and skilled service technicians especially trained on electric forklifts offer professional service and maintenance.
  • Good service accessibility to all key components is afforded by the fully tilting operator’s compartment for minimum down-time.
  • The electronic braking feature minimizes wear on the conventional brakes, reduces maintenance costs and increase up-time.
Linde-quality for precision, reliability and durability
  • The Finite Element Design method ensures maximum structural integrity and durability.
  • The chassis protects key components from environmental influences and damage.
  • The encapsulated steering control is also protected from dust and moisture ingress protected to avoid a loss of function. These trucks are ready for operation in any weather.