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Electric Forklift Truck E35 / E48

We have a large variety of Electric Forklift Trucks. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Electric Forklift Truck E35 / E48:
Heavy load - multi-purpose handling
These robust workhorses deliver impressive performance - indoor and outdoor - handling loads of up to 4.8 tons. The operator works in a relaxed position on an individually adjustable seat with hydraulic shock absorbers and having an excellent view of the load and the working area. Even difficult manoeuvres are smoothly executed with Linde electronic control. Rapid battery changing is achieved either by vertical lift off using an overhead hoist or removing the battery from the rear using another forklift.
Operator and machine in harmony
  • Hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin accelerator pedal system and the Linde central control lever ensure effortless, fatigue-free operation.
  • The intuitive handling without having to change steering hand positioning or alter the positioning of the feet, enables the operator to fully concentrate on the task in hand.
  • The central control lever provides precision control over all mast functions.
  • Work cycles are executed smoothly, efficiently, and safely.
Safety enhances performance
  • The outstanding ergonomics of Linde forklifts simplifies the operational aspects enabling the operator to fully focus on the task in hand.
  • Three independent braking systems and hydrostatic power steering control provide assured handling at all times.
Consistent, reliable power
  • Cost effective and efficient battery changing is effected - by using a crane for vertical removal or lifting out from the rear using another forklift.
  • Easy service access minimizes service time.
  • The energy saving Linde electronic control and regenerative electric braking reduces maintenance costs and increases uptime ratios.
Linde is a reliable service partner
  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a comprehensive local service network that covers all regions.
  • A software based diagnostic system and skilled service technicians especially trained on electric forklifts offer professional service and maintenance.
  • The hinged seat mounting and removable floor plate allow easy access for servicing routines regenerative electric braking extends service brakelife, reduces maintenance costs and increases up-time.
Linde-quality for precision, reliability and durability
  • The robust, enclosed chassis construction is designed to cope with the most arduous applications and to give durable, reliable service over a long period.
  • The heavy duty construction also provides a very stable platform for all travelling and lifting operations.
  • The electronics are protected from the ingress of dust and moisture for all-weather working.