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Diesel Forklift Truck H40 / H50

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Below are the technical specs for the Diesel Forklift Truck H40 / H50:
Lift your profit: Linde H40-H50
  • The highly successful Linde 39X series of fork lift trucks has just expanded — the Linde 39X H40 - H50. 
  • An outstanding truck in every respect. Impressive performance, precise load handling, exemplary operator comfort, reassuring safety. A highly innovative engine truck that from the very start delivers maximum efficiency every working hour.
Linde hydrostatic transmission - matchless productivity, efficiency and precise handling.
  • Precision:Direction selection and travel speed are precisely controlled via oil flow, enabling the operator to negotiate gradients and uneven surfaces smoothly, safely, and in complete control.
  • Efficiency:The Linde hydrostatic drive transmission has no clutch, brakes, or gears and none of the costs and wear associated with these components. Operating costs are therefore minimized.
Made for impressive performance
  • Intelligent ergonomics with finger-tip LindeLoadControl and twin accelerator pedals provide the operator with a stress-free working enabling precision handling and sustained efficiency levels throughout the shift.
  • High residual capacities are maintained to maximum lift with the new concept of mast.
  • Rapid acceleration is achieved by the Linde hydrostatics and balanced service weight.
  • Safe load handling is assured by good all-round visibility, the Linde Protector Frame and the new concept clear-view mast.
Lift your profit!
  • Due to its impressive efficiency the 39X contributes to reducing personnel and operating costs
  • Lower fuel costs are achieved by the new TDI engine generation and Linde hydrostatic drive transmission.
  • Service costs are minimized by shorter service intervals and extended up-time between services due to the Linde hydrostatic transmission system which has no conventional converter, gears, clutch or reduction gearing and has none of the costs or wear associated with these components.
Man and machine in harmony
  • Hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin accelerators, pedal and finger-tip LindeLoadControl provide effortless, fatigue-free working.
  • The intuitive handling without having to change the embrace of the steering wheel or alter the position of the feet enables the operator to focus on the job in hand.
  • With LindeLoadControl, integrated in the individually adjustable armrest, the operator has smooth, precise control of all mast and hydraulic functions.
  • This excellent system eliminates stress for safer more productive results.
A feeling of well being as soon as one enters the compartment.
  • The low step and the spacious footwell allow easy entry and exit.
  • The operator’s compartment is cushioned from vibrations by the unique suspension system. The optional cab can be fitted with heating, air conditioning, and radio etc.
  • The intelligent control layout ensures the operator finds the optimum ergonomic posture for high and sustained efficiency levels to be achieved.
  • An overhead instrument display enables the operator to monitor the truck status while maintaining focus on the load handling operation.
Safety enhances performance
  • On release of the driving pedal, the Linde hydrostatic transmission smoothly brakes the truck, for safer, seamless load handling.
  • The overhead guard module and chassis form the new Linde Protector Frame and set new standards of protection. It provides maximum protection from side impacts and falling objects.
  • The innovative mast concept gives good visibility to the forks and load.
  • Load handling stability is also enhanced by the top-mounted tilt cylinders.


Linde - your reliable service partner

  • Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network covering all regions.
  • Extended up-time between services for lower costs.
  • Easy service access and computer diagnostics contribute to short service intervals.
  • Maintenance-free axle/mast and tilt cylinder mountings, highly efficient hydraulic oil filters and low maintenance Linde hydrostatics, result in lower operating costs and optimum utilisation of the equipment.
39X - an innovative and environmentally friendly forklift
  • Significantly lower fuel consumption with a new engine concept, and balanced service weight together with Linde hydrostatic drive.
  • The result is minimal exhaust and sound emissions for a quiet, contamination free environment.
  • Long-life hydraulic oil, the possibility to use biodiesel, and an environmental production process, etc., make the 39X the most ecological truck on the market.