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Turret Truck K13-3 / K15-3

We have a large variety of Turret Trucks. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Turret Truck K13-3 / K15-3:
Multi-purpose combination: The new K13-3 / K15-3
The K13-3/K15-3 very narrow aisle combi-trucks are designed to carry out efficient storage/retrieval and order picking duties in high density very narrow aisle systems. The rising, cushioned operators cabin gives access to all shelf levels and is designed for either standing or seated mode. Advanced technology and superb ergonomics combine to deliver high performance productivity in intensive warehouse environments.
Linde - your reliable service partner
  • Linde provides rapid response time with short travel distances due to a local service network that covers all regions.
  • The design of the equipment facilitates access for servicing. Diagnostic software and the CAN-bus system provide rapid analysis and remote access by modem.
Efficient utilisation of equipment
  • The superb ergonomics provide first-class comfort and working conditions for optimum operator efficiency at all heights.
  • The advanced technology of the trucks is reflected in cost effective high productivity.
  • The intelligent LindeSystemControl system ensures consistently high work rates, excellent energy efficiency. Safety is assured.
  • Service intervals are minimised and operating costs reduced.
The formula for success: Designed around the operator
  • All controls for driving and lifting as well as the safety interlocks are integrated in a tilting control console and are actuated by LindeSystemControl.
  • The cabin is isolated from vibrations and has a soft, cushioned floor to create a fatigue free environment for the operator whether working in the stand-up or seated mode.
  • Wide access doors and spacious leg room provide operator maximum comfort.
Intelligent power is controlled power
  • Precision control LindeSystemControl enables all parameters to be set to suit every application and operator for the best results. Up to 30 % more performance and up to 40 % reduction in consumption decreased by 40 % are achievable.
  • The truck can be configured to match your application precisely as both shunt- and maintenance-free AC drive systems are available.
  • The control system provides smooth lift and lower cycles of both the main and supplementary lifts. 
Safety comes as standard
  • The outstanding ergonomics of Linde trucks removes the stresses and strains from the operator for safer and more concentrated work.
  • Two independent brake systems and the electronic steering provide precise control of the truck in all situations.
  • A dead man's switch, an escape harness and an emergency lowering valve provide protection in an emergency situation.
  • Safe operation of the truck is assured by the interlocked, two-handed operation of all driving and lifting controls and proportional traction/lift slow-down interlocks.
Bespoke solutions
A wide choice of options and supplementary equipment is available in order to match the specification precisely to the customers requirements:
  • Warehouse management systems.
  • Telescopic or triple-lift mast and rotating fork functions.
  • Mechanical rail or inductive wire-guidance.
  • Automatic stop/slow-down at the end of the aisle/s.
  • The cabin is available in various widths and equipment layouts.